Teollisuuden putkistotyöt kerralla putkeen

Piping: with our expertise, installations work like clockwork

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Our professionalism, resources, and ability to keep projects under strong control make us a reliable partner approved by the audit authorities. We supply piping solutions to nuclear power plants, the forest and pulp industry, the food industry, data centers, and water treatment plants. We also supply piping for district heating and cooling systems.

The range of method tests mainly covers the control of welding methods required for welding materials used in industry. We comprehensively implement the most common carbon steel (FM1), hot-dip (FM3), austenitic (FM5), and different pair joints (FM6) for different dimensions for material groups 1, 5, 8 & 10. The aim is to ensure the high quality of welds primarily by choosing 141 as the welding process, but other processes (111, 135/138) are also alternative implementations according to customer needs.

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